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30 Free or Discounted Services Every 501c3 Should Know About

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Blessed Designs Consulting

Leading a nonprofit organization has a unique set of opportunities as well as challenges. Blessed Designs Consulting Services understands the importance of efficient operations, clear communication, and strategic planning in creating a significant impact. Our goal is to help your organization build strong, sustainable foundations.


We achieve this by connecting you with invaluable tools that enhance your operations and save you money. Our list, "30 Free or Discounted Services Every 501c3 Should Know About," is designed to support your organization's growth without straining your budget. We believe in sharing knowledge openly. We don’t gatekeep around here!


Hi, I’m Sharmon Lebby, a Nonprofit and Small Business Consultant. I work with nonprofits and small businesses to build their operational, communication, and strategic foundations to thrive and create lasting impact.


​Over the years, I have dedicated my career to supporting enterprises and startups in achieving their goals.

I’ve connected with nonprofit leaders and small business owners, built meaningful relationships, and delivered top-tier guidance and advice. I can confidently share valuable insights that you can implement in your organization.

Changemaker, it’s time to stop struggling and start building the foundation your nonprofit needs to succeed and make a difference.

Happy building!

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Janil, South Shore Caribbean Connections

"Working with Sharmon was incredible. Her patience and guidance were invaluable, helping me navigate my confusion and establish my non-profit. She skillfully transformed my vision into a beautiful reality. For anyone setting up or optimizing a non-profit, Sharmon is the perfect partner."

Janet, Love in Action

"Working with Sharmon has been nothing short of amazing. Her expertise in guiding our nonprofit through our strategic plan had been artful, thoughtful and absolutely essential in moving us forward. I appreciate her professionalism and patience in teaching us the process."

Zinnah, Secret Place Worship Ministry

"I had a logo that was very mediocre. One look and a lil explanation, my logo became an image beyond imagination. I love it. Everyone that sees it, loves it also. Though it’s simple but it conveys the message intended. The services are also reasonable."

Let’s work together to build a stronger, more efficient, and impactful organization. Take the next step, unlock these savings, and maximize your impact


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