Hard at Work

Creating isn't easy when choosing not to work with new materials, but there is definitely a satisfaction that comes from bringing new life to old things.

As a small business owner

Here's a behind the scenes look at our mini photoshoot for the new additions coming to the jewelry line. We're excited to offer a #SummerBeach and #ZeroWaste collection.

If you've been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you would've seen some sneek peaks. Here's a few more!

Part of our upcycled jewelry collection

These are mini button earrings. They will be part of our #zerowaste collection, as we aim to minimize the waste created during the production of our garments.

Can you feel the sand in your toes? These gems are part of the #summerbeach collection. Each piece is made to minimize waste and use repurpose old, broken, or otherwise unwanted jewelry..


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