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How To's of Print Mixing

Mixing prints is one of my most favorite things to do. I'm blessed to have a good eye for fashion, but if this is something you're new to, here are a few tips.

Level 1: Start with a graphic tee.

You can easily "mix prints" simply by starting with a graphic tee and a patterned bottom. This is the quickest, easiest, and smallest risk way to jump into mixing prints. Check out the images below to see how we've paired Blessed Design items to create this look.

Level 2: Match your colors

When you're ready to a little more, find like-colored patterns. If you limit yourself to one or two colors you'll find yourself mixing prints like an expert.

Level 3: Go Wild

The next step is to rock those prints like a boss. I always say, "Wear your clothes. Don't let them wear you." Whatever you put on, put it on with confidence. However, to get the best effect you'll want to harmonize your colors. Choose colors that compliment each other. Break out that color wheel and choose those analogous (colors next to each other; ex: green & blue) or complimentary (ones directly across the wheel; ex: yellow & purple).

Most importantly, just have fun!


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