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Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

The zerowaste journey continues with these hand dyed infinity scarves.

As with everything we create these are versatile. Wear it as a scarf, headwrap, and check out the last photo to see how I wore it as a top ;)


Fabric: 55% Bamboo Viscose 45% Hemp

Dye: Fiber reactive  (low-impact dyes)

Length: Approx 32"

  • Care Instructions

    We are advocates of the Care Label Project, which means we believe it’s time to change how we care for our clothes. What does this mean for your Infinity Scarf? Don’t overwash it, only wash it when it’s dirty or smells, and when you do wash:

     Wash cold. Dry low, or better yet, air dry.

    This will keep your garment lasting longer than a run of your favorite tv show ;)