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Our Fabrics

The Blessed Tees are made from a blend of bamboo and hemp. While hemp is a great fabric, it can be stiff and the bamboo makes it softer and more pliable, resulting in a smoother finish and softer touch. Comfort, after all, is what we're all about.


Why Hemp

While we love "the touch, the feel" of cotton, it's a crop that uses up a lot of land and water in the growing process. Knowing it takes a lot of water to process to fabric we wanted to cut down on the use of cotton as much as possible.  Hemp, on the other hand,  is a farmer's and environmentalist's dream crop. It's naturally pest resistant, grows densely (requiring less land) and grows like, well like a weed (pun intended). Plus, it has the added benefit of improving soil health.

The fabric itself is strong (stronger when wet) and durable, (Super Hemp!) and yet it softens over time. It is UV resistant and naturally antimicrobial. Hemp is also porous allowing your skin to breathe.


Why Bamboo

Aahh sweet bamboo. Like hemp, bamboo has some antimicrobial properties and is said to be moisture wicking. It is also super soft which is why it's a great partner to hemp. Bamboo, however, is somewhat of a controversial fabric. While no one argues that since it is a fast growing plant that can grow in a variety of climates, and is a highly sustainable and eco-friendly resource; the process for making it into fabric can be kind of dirty. This is why we have chosen a distributer that is transparent about the process of making the bamboo fabric and ensures the production is done in a manner that limits its environmental impact.

Cotton Flower

Why Organic Cotton

Cotton is king, and has been for many years. Even today with all our synthetic fibers, cotton still constitutes 40% of our clothing. Cotton is a natural fiber that is soft, breathable, and inexpensive. However, as we say above, it uses quite a bit of land and water to grow. While we prefer hemp, we recognize that it's still a controversial resource. As a small business, we weave a fine line between being environmentally friendly and having a wearable product. So when we have to use cotton we choose organic cotton which is grown without pesticides and uses a lot less water.

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