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three women wearing Blessed Designs t-shirts

Born from a desire to make ethical & sustainable fashion available to any woman, Blessed Designs seeks to embrace women as they are, where they are.  We aim to keep our prices low and energy high, with clothing that you can be comfortable in while still being fashionable.

As a company we are committed to protecting the earth and ensuring that people aren't being exploited in the making of our clothes. This is why we encourage those around us to shop small and ethically. We are leading the way by using small businesses in our supply chain.

We see our clothing as an extension of you. Create the masterpiece you want with fashionable pieces that you can conform to your style. God has given you the canvas, we're providing the paint.

Sharmon Lebby

Note from our Founder

New to the ethical fashion realm, I was excited to spend some money supporting my new found cause. I freaked out a little seeing some of the prices, but I sucked it up and told myself that sometimes you have to pay more for good stuff. So there I was, ready to empty my bank account when I realized I was barely scraping by on the size charts. Essentially, my bust was going to be busting out of most of the clothing. I was a little hurt that so many women like me were being left out of this incredible movement. So in a moment to go down in the DIY Hall of Fame, I decided, if I couldn't buy the clothing, I would just make my own. (Note to self: Do not make decisions when you're feeling emotional. Unless it's to eat NadaMoo. Always eat NadaMoo.) My goal: create a line of comfortable chic clothing that would fit a range of sizes and body types. I wanted clothing that made you feel good about, not only your body, but about yourself. It's been a terrifying and exhiliarating little adventure and I'm glad that you've decided to join the ride.  Perhaps together we can create a bit of change in our little corners of the universe.

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